Welcome to Boxers du Champ des Legendes Home Page. Breeding beautiful Boxers of European type & charecter since 1990. We proudly offer dogs of superior temperament and health. Over the years, we have consistantly produced Boxers that have excelled in both show & working rings.
Our results are the culmination of 20yrs of excellence in the Boxer Breed.

    · '08 #1 Fawn Female USA-BOX Sieger Show.
    · '09 B.I.S. USA-BOX Sieger Show.
    · '09 Producer of the year USA-BOX Sieger Show.
    · '09 Fawn Sieger USA-BOX.
    · '09 Youth Champion USA-BOX Sieger Show.
    · '09 #1 Brindle Female USA-BOX Sieger Show.
    · '09 #1 Kennel of the Year USA-BOX Sieger Show.
Boxers we have produced that have been given the prestigious V-RATING of Excellence by Offical German Judges of the BK.
    · Corona du Champ des Legendes, AD
    · Caelen du Champ des Legendes, AD
    · Dalida du Champ des Legendes, AD
    · Duchesse du Champ des Legendes, AD
    · Eiffel du Champ des Legendes, AD
Boxers that have acheived the prestigious AD (Ausdauerpruefung) Endurance Test, Approximately 12 Mile Run with Obedience Test At the End:
    · Corona du Champ des Legendes
    · Caelen du Champ des Legendes
    · Dalida du Champ des Legendes
    · Duchesse du Champ des Legendes
    · D'Or du Champ des Legendes
    · Eiffel du Champ des Legendes
Our Boxers who have acheived Ringsport's C.S.A.U. Temperament Exam certificate:
    · Gaucho du Champ des Legendes
    · Glarus du Champ des Legendes
    · Ganesh du Champ des Legendes
    · Cannelle du Champ des Legendes
    · Gola du Champ des Legendes
    · Geronomo du Champ des Legendes
    · Gladiator du Champ des Legendes
We learned many years ago that in order to preserve the true European Boxer in the United States, you have to create a breeding program that reflects that of Europe. That entails working and training your Boxer in a variety of dog sport disciplines. Ultimately, all of this work produces boxers of sound mind and body which make the European Boxers unique to its American counterpart. I hope to share my passion with you and to keep the European Boxer strong in America!

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To truly breed European Boxers, you have to be a breeder of working dogs. We have over 20 years experience breeding, training and titling boxers in the United States. Our first working boxer was brought home with us from France in 1990. Our passion and knowledge for the breed is second to none. Our Boxers have become the standard in overall quality in North America. Our dogs possess the correct balance in working drive and stable nerves, which make them suitable for all walks of life and all working tasks. We invite you to come see the difference.

In our years of raising the true European Boxer we have earned the reputation of being the best based on these results:

    · We are the 1st Boxer kennel ever to be Awarded   #1 BOXER Kennel Ranking at the 2009 National   US-BOX Sieger Championship by INT'L Judge   Ralph Brinkmann (GERMANY).
    · Best in Show winner at 2009 U.S. Box Sieger   Championship
    · Our boxers have earned more European   temperament, and cardio titles and V-ratings in   the U.S. than any other kennel in the U.S.
    · Breeding for health, balance and true character
    · Our boxers compete under recognized German   Judges belonging to the BK (Boxer Klub of   Germany)
We truly encourage you to research and educate yourself on true European Boxers before your purchase.